Marquetry is the art of using wood veneers of different species and colors to create pictures.
These pictures are all hand made and therefore one of a kind.

Marquetry Pictures

  • by Jane Burke
All these marquetry pictures are coated with many layers of laquer, making them as durable as a piece of furniture. They are framed, but if the frame does not suit your decor, these can be changed to your liking.

Art Gallery

  1. Sailboat
    10" x 8" picture size 12 1/2" x 10 1/2" framed size
  2. Blue Butterfly in Clover
    Blue Butterfly in Clover
    14" x 17 5/8" picture size 16 1/2" x 20 1/2" framed The border on this picture is pearwood, which is a creamy, fine textured wood. The background is poplar. The leaves are also poplar with dyed blue poplar accents. The clover flowers and butterfly are made up of different dyed veneers.
  3. Red Rose
    Red Rose
    12" x 16" picture size 17" x 21" framed The leaves of the rose are yellow polar and turtleback poplar on a maple pommele background. The rose petals were created by using different species or red woods like Indian rosewood, makore and cherry.
  4. The Valley
    The Valley
    17" x 14" picture size 20" x 17" framed This landscape is of the valley view from the John C. Folk School. It has several different species of wood depicting the different elements of the design, including amboyna, ash, locust, koto and poplar. The border is oak.
  5. Tulip Poplar
    Tulip Poplar
    16 1/4" 20 1/4" picture size 19" x 23" framed This tulip poplar flower sprig is made of a walnut stem, poplar leaves and flower and orange dyed veneer for the center of the flower. The stamens are holly. The background is walnut with an anigre border.
  6. Wild Geranium
    Wild Geranium
    15 3/8" x 18" picture size 19" x 21 3/4" framed This picture has a camphorwood border which is a rich, deep orange. The background and leaves are made of poplar and the flower is dyed wood, natural poplar and madrone burl. The frame adds to the overall elegance of the picture.
  7. Spider Lily
    Spider Lily
    21" x 18 1/2" picture size 23 3/4" x 21 1/4" framed This picture has a wonderful richness to it due to the koa wood border around the walnut background as well as the lovely coppery frame. The leaves are poplar and the flower is made of bleached veneers with madrona burl.
  8. Lone Tree
    Lone Tree
    14" x 11" picture size 19" x 16" framed
  9. Dogwood
    10" x8" picture size 14" x 12" framed The flower bracts are holly with poplar flowers in the center. The background is quilted walnut and a walnut burl for the twigs. The leaves are poplar.
  10. Pigeon In Dogwood
    Pigeon In Dogwood
    24" x 20" picture size 28 1/4" x 24 1/4" framed size The colors on the bird and blue leaves are dyed veneers. The dogwood leaves are natural poplar and the branch is walnut. The dogwoods are birdseye maple with olive ash centers. The lovely background veneer is mappa burl with a border of green poplar and a gorgeous mystery wood around the edges. These two pigeon pictures were made as a set but they work on their own just fine if you do not have that much space.
  11. Firecrests
  12. Hummingbird
    8" x 8" picture size 12" x 12" framed size The hummingbird is made of rainbow poplar which has a lovely shimmer to it when the light catches it just right, very much like a real hummingbird. The background is a walnut burl
  13. Cardinals on Dogwood Sprig
    Cardinals on Dogwood Sprig
    19" x 16" picture size 23 1/2" x 20 1/2" framed size This lovely picture of a male and female cardinal on a dogwood sprig is particularly striking due to the strong red of the birds and the crisp whiteness of the dogwoods. The lovely cherry background also adds to the overall interest of the picture.
  14. Ruby Throated Hummingbird
    Ruby Throated Hummingbird
    20 1/4" x 21 3/4" picture size 24 1/2" x 26" framed size The hummingbird is made of poplar, planetree, walnut and red dyed poplar for his throat. The mat is a gorgeous tiger koa from Hawaii.
  15. Goldfinch
    22" x 19" picture size 26" x 23" framed size This sweet little goldfinch is made of dyed poplar and zebrawood. The background is locust with a walnut mat.
  16. 12 Spotted Skimmer
    12 Spotted Skimmer
    16"x17" picture size 19 3/4" x 20 3/4" framed size Walnut border with bleached maple strip around the madrone burl background. The dragonfly is made of grey dyed veneer, walnut and bleached maple veneers.
  17. Butterfly
    18 3/4" x 16 1/2" picture size 21 1/2" x 19" framed size This lovely butterfly is made of walnut and koto veneers. The background is madrone burl with an anigre border.
  18. Celtic Knot
    Celtic Knot
    11 1/2" x 9 3/4" picture size 16 7/8" x 15 1/8" framed size The Celtic star in this picture is made of sycamore, mahogany and poplar. The background is double book-matched walnut framed with tiger sycamore.
  19. Celtic Star
    Celtic Star
    10 1/4" x 10 1/4" picture size 15 3/8" x 15 3/8" framed size
  20. Sailboat
    15" x 6 5/8" picture size 17" x 8 1/2" framed size
  21. Sailboat
    16" x 8 1/4" picture size 18 1/2" x 11" framed size
The art of Marquetry

This Gallery is intended to give you an idea of the body of work I have done over the years. Most of these pieces have already sold, but some are still available and I have many more available for sale. Please see my Art Shows schedule to see where I will be next. If you are not in the area, let me know and I will email you images of the pieces which are presently available.