Marquetry is the art of using wood veneers of different species and colors to create pictures.
These pictures are all hand made and therefore one of a kind.

Marquetry Pictures

  • by Jane Burke

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A Little About the Artist

When I got started with marquetry I bought my first table saw at a yard sale and quickly accumulated enough tools to start making boxes and furniture, which I adorned with my marquetry.  It was not until January 2008 that I started making framed marquetry pictures.  Today I still make furniture for my own home and commisions.
I have a special passion for Marquetry and anything to do with wood. There are so many wonderful species of wood in many colors and grain patterns which makes Marquetry so satisfying, as I get to see and use several of these different colors and textures in a single piece of art.

I started doing Marquetry in 1993 while living in Paraguay.  I was shown how to cut veneer with a scroll saw but soon found that it was easier and more accurate using a craft knife.  Over the following few years I worked on my technique until I developed a style that suited me better.  This is the technique I now teach and use to make my marquetry pictures.

Marquetry is my way of appreciating the beauty of wood and expressing my creativity.  I lean more toward nature scenes as I love the great outdoors and all the little critters and creatures found in it.  I am also a keen gardener and therefore enjoy making pictures of flowers.

In 2007 Marquetry became my full time occupation.  The 11 years prior to that I owned a wholesale hardwood flooring business.  But, my passion was always for marquetry and now I love being able to spend my time doing something I truly enjoy.
Awards & Recognition
  1. Art Fair Awards
    Art Fair Awards
    2016- Brookhaven Arts Festival - Best in Show 2016- Virginia-Highland Summerfest - 1st Place Wood 2014- Canton Riverfest - 1st Place 2014- Peachree Hills Arts Fest - 1st Place 2014- Roswell Colors Festival of Arts - 2nd Place 2014- Spring Festival on Ponce - Honerable Mention 2013- Cumming Festival of Arts, GA - Honerable Mention 2012- Veneer Tech Craftsman's Challenge - Honerable Mention 2009- Easton Art Affair, OH - Honorable Mention
  2. TV Appearances
    TV Appearances
    2012- NBC Nashville Network - 6 minutes 2009- DIY Network - Woodsculpting - 30 minutes 2005- DIY Network - Tools & Techniques - 6 minutes 2003- DIY Network - DIY Next Door - 5 minutes 2003- DIY Network - DIY People - 5 minutes 2001- Public Access TV
  3. Publications
    2008- Pattern Approach for Marquetry by Jane Burke - DVD 2007- The Ultimate Band Saw Box Book 2006- Easy Weekend Wood Projects 2005- Woodworking for Women Magazine 2002- The Art of Marquetry by Jane Burke - DVD 2001- Women in Woodworking website 1999- Good Woodworking Magazine UK
  4. Woodworking
    When I first started doing marquetry in 1993 I was making wooden boxes decorated with marquetry. I occasionally made furniture also adorned with marquetry, but I mainly stuck to making boxes of all shapes and sizes. Over the years I got several first, second and third place prizes for my boxes, including this hope chest that I made in 1999.
Jane Burke
Berkeley Lake,
Georgia, USA
Phone 678-923-9639
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